The 12th IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Cluster, Cloud and Grid Computing Parliament Hill – Colline du Parlement Ottawa – St.-Lawrence Seaway Ontario – Rideau Canal National Gallery of Canada-Ottawa

Accepted Poster Papers

  • "Automated Construction of Performance Models for High Performance Distributed Applications", Ahmad Mizan and Greg Franks
  • "A Cloud Infrastructure for Optimization of a Massive Parallel Sequencing Workflow", Olivier Terzo, Lorenzo Mossucca, Andrea Acquaviva, Francesco Abate, and Rosalba Provenzano
  • "Pseudo Random Number Generation for Parallelized Jobs on Clusters", Mike Mikailov, Sithu D. Sudarsan, and Fu-Jyh Luo
  • "Creating Your Own Private Cloud: Ezilla Toolkit—For Coordinated Storage, Computing, and Networking Services", Yi-Lun Pan, Chang-Hsing Wu, Hsi-En Yu, Hui-Shan Chen, and Weicheng Huang
  • "On Effective Quality of Service Negotiation", Khalid Mansour, Ryszard Kowalczyk, and Mohan Baruwal Chhetri
  • "IDSaaS: Intrusion Detection System as a Service in Public Clouds", Turki Alharkan and Patrick Martin
  • "Distributed Shared Memory and Compiler-Induced Scalable Locality for Scalable Cluster Performance", Mohamed Abdalkader, Ian Burnette, Tim Douglas, and David G. Wonnacott
  • "A Compartive Study of Cloud Computing Middleware", Chaker El Amrani, Kaoutar Bahri Filali, Kaoutar Ben Ahmed, Amadou Tidiane Diallo, Stéphano Telolahy, and Tarek El-Ghazawi
  • "Automatic Adaptive Page-Size Control for Remote Memory Paging", Hiroko Midorikawa and Joe Uchiyama
  • "Analyzing Effect of Network Processor’s Cache Dependent Parameter on MPI Broadcast Performance", Kedar Kulkarni and Geetanjali Gadre
  • "Advanced MAC in HPC Systems: Performance Improvement", D. Gros, M. Blanc, J. Briffaut, and C. Toinard
  • "Cluster as a Service for Self-Deployable Cloud Applications", Shigetoshi Yokoyama and Nobukazu Yoshioka
  • "Accelerating 2-opt and 3-opt Local Search Using GPU in the Travelling Salesman Problem", Kamil Rocki and Reiji Suda
  • "Distributed Shared Memory Programming in the Cloud", Ahmad Anbar, Vikram K. Narayana, and Tarek El-Ghazawi
  • "A Fault Tolerance Framework for High Performance Computing in Cloud", Ifeanyi P. Egwutuoha, Shiping Chen, David Levy, and Bran Selic
  • "Business Process Engine Simulator", Suraj Pandey, Surya Nepal, and Shiping Chen
  • "Improving MapReduce Performance in Heterogeneous Network Environments and Resource Utilization", Zhenhua Guo and Geoffrey Fox
  • "Perspectives of UnaCloud: An Opportunistic Cloud Computing Solution or Facilitating Research", Juan D. Osorio, Harold Castro, and Francisco Brasileiro
  • "Provisioning-Based Resource Management for Effective Workflow Scheduling on Utility Grids", Vahid Khajevand, Hossein Pedram, and Mostafa Zandieh
  • "Mining Concept Drifting Network Traffic in Cloud Computing Environments", Sai Kiran Mukkavilli and Sachin Shetty
Carleton University, Canada
Indiana University, USA
The University of Melbourne, Australia