The 12th IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Cluster, Cloud and Grid Computing Parliament Hill – Colline du Parlement Ottawa – St.-Lawrence Seaway Ontario – Rideau Canal National Gallery of Canada-Ottawa


Designing Cloud and Grid Computing Systems with InfiniBand and High-Speed Ethernet

Dhabaleswar K. (DK) Panda, The Ohio State University

InfiniBand (IB) and High-Speed Ethernet (HSE) technologies are generating a lot of excitement towards building next generation High-End Computing (HEC) systems including Cloud computing systems and distributed Grids. This tutorial will provide an overview of these emerging interconnect architectures, their offered features, their current market standing, and their suitability for Cloud and Grid computing environments. It will start with a brief overview of IB, HSE, and their architectural features. An overview of the emerging OpenFabrics stack which encapsulates both IB and HSE in a unified manner will be presented. IB and HSE hardware/software solutions and the market trends will be highlighted. Finally, design challenges and sample performance numbers of using these technologies in different environments such as cloud computing environments (Hadoop, HBase, HDFS and Memcached), virtualization, multi-tier datacenters and wide-area networking systems will be presented.

Developing and Deploying Applications on Federated Clouds using CometCloud

Moustafa Abdelbaky

Hyunjoo Kim

Ivan Rodero

Manish Parashar

This tutorial will enable users to develop and deploy applications on dynamically federated Cloud infrastructure using CometCloud. CometCloud is an autonomic cloud engine that provides abstractions and mechanism for on-demand cloud federation, cloud bridging and cloud bursting. It also provides a programming system that supports applications written using popular paradigms to use these services. The tutorial will (a) provides an overview of cloud computing and its current landscape, (b) describe CometCloud, its architecture, programming system and autonomic operation, and (c) provides hands-on experience with developing cloud applications using CometCloud and deploying them on private and public clouds.

Carleton University, Canada
Indiana University, USA
The University of Melbourne, Australia