Table of Content

PART I: CDN and Media Streaming Basics

1. Cloud-based Content Delivery and Streaming
Mukaddim Pathan

2. Live Streaming Ecosystems
Dom Robinson

3. Practical Systems for Live Streaming
Dom Robinson

4. Efficiency of Caching and Content Delivery in Broadband Access Networks
Gerhard Hasslinger

5. Anycast Request Routing for Content Delivery Networks
Hussein A. Alzoubi, Michael Rabinovich, Seungjoon Lee, Kobus Van Der Merwe, and Oliver Spatscheck

6. Cloud-based Content Delivery to Home Ecosystems
Tiago Cruz, Paulo Simões and Edmundo Monteiro

7. Mobile Video Streaming
Ram Lakshmi Narayanan, Yinghua Ye, Anuj Kaul, and Mili Shah

PART II: CDN Performance Management and Optimization

8. CDN Analytics: A Primer
Timothy Siglin

9. CDN Modeling
Tolga Bektas and Ozgur Ercetin

10. Analysing Content Delivery networks
Benjamin Molina, Jaime Calvo Gallego, Carlos E. Palau and Manuel Esteve

11. Multi-Source Stream Aggregation in the Cloud
Marat Zhanikeev

12. Beyond CDN: Content Processing at the Edge of the Cloud
Salekul Islam and Jean-Charles Grégoire

13. Dynamic Reconfiguration for Adaptive Streaming
Norihiko Yoshida

14. Mining distributed data streams on Content Delivery Networks
Eugenio Cesario, Carlo Mastroianni and Domenico Talia

15. Strategic Planning and Capacity Management of CDNs
Phil Davies and Mukaddim Pathan

PART III: Case Studies and Next Generation CDNs

16. Overlay Networks: An Akamai Perspective
Mangesh Kasbekar, Woody Lichtenstein, Manish Jain and Ramesh Sitaraman

17. Next generation CDNs: A CoBlitz Perspective
Vivek Pai

18. Content Delivery in China: A ChinaCache Perspective
Michael Talyansky, Alexei Tumarkin, Hunter Xu and Ken Zhang

19. PlatonTV: A High Definition IPTV Platform
Miroslaw Czyrnek, Jedrzej Jajor, Jerzy Jamrozy, Ewa Kusmierek, Cezary Mazurek, Maciej Stroinski, and Jan Weglarz

20. CacheCast: A Single Source Multiple Destination Caching Mechanism (One week)
Piotr Srebrny, Dag Henning L. Sorbo, Thomas Plagemann, Vera Goebel, and Andreas Mauthe

21. Content Replication and Delivery in Information-Centric Networks
Vasilis Sourlas, Paris Flegkas, Dimitrios Katsaros and Leandros Tassiulas

22. Robust Content Broadcasting in Vehicular Networks
Giancarlo Fortino, Carlos T. Calafate, Juan-Carlos Cano, and Pietro Manzoni

23. Scaling Rich Media Content through Social Networks
Irene Kilanioti, Chryssis Georgiou and George Pallis