Thanks to the participants of IDCS'08 for making it a grand success.


In the recent years, the emergence of Web as a ubiquitous platform for innovations has laid the foundation for the rapid growth of the Internet. The use of mobile and wireless devices such as PDA, laptop, and cell phones for accessing the Internet has paved the ways for related technologies to flourish through recent developments. In addition, the popularity of sensor networks is promoting better integration of the digital world with physical environment. In this workshop we are interested in receiving innovative papers on emerging technologies related to Internet and distributed systems to support the effective design and efficient implementation of high-performance computer networks. The target audience includes researchers and industry practitioners those are interested in different aspects of the Internet and distributed systems, with a particular focus on the practical experiences with the design and implementation of related technologies as well as their theoretical perspectives.

The workshop proceedings will be published as part of the ICCIT conference proceedings and will appear in IEEE XploreŽ Digital Library. The details for the proceedings are as follows:

IEEE Catalog Number: CFP0817D

ISBN: 978-1-4244-2136-7

Library of Congress: 2008900703

Selected papers from the workshop will be invited to extend for possible publication in a Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering (LNEE) Volume, named "Internet and Distributed Computing Systems", to be published by Springer-Verlag, Germany.

Program Chairs

Mukaddim Pathan - University of Melbourne, Australia

Rajkumar Buyya - University of Melbourne, Australia