List of Accepted Papers




Paper Title


Paper 01.

Ilung Pranata, Geoff Skinner and Rukshan Athauda

Distributed Mechanism for Protecting Resources in a Newly Emerged Digital Ecosystem Technology

University of Newcastle, Australia

Paper 02.

Junghoon Lee, Gyung-Leen Park, Hye-Jin Kim and Cheol Min Kim

Reservation-based charging service for electric vehicles

Jeju National University, Korea

Paper 03.

Junghoon Lee and Ho-Young Kwak

Intelligent ubiquitous sensor network for agricultural and livestock farms

Jeju National University, Korea

Paper 04.

Heejung Byun and Jungmin So

Queue-based Adaptive Duty Cycle Control for Wireless Sensor Networks

Suwon University, Korea

Paper 05.

Leandro Sousa and Elias P. Duarte Jr.

Experimental Evaluation of a Failure Detection Service Based on a Gossip Strategy

Federal University of Parana (UFPR), Brazil

Paper 06.

Abdelgadir Tageldin Abdelgadir and Al-Sakib Khan Pathan

On the Performance of MPI-OpenMP on a 12 nodes Multi-core Cluster

International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), Malaysia

Paper 07.

Mohd Farhan Md Fudzee and Jemal Abawajy

A Protocol for Discovering Content Adaptation Services

Deakin University, Australia

Paper 08.

Harinda Fernando and Jemal Abawajy

Securing RFID Systems from SQLIA

Deakin University, Australia

Paper 09.

Toral-Cruz Homero1, Al-Sakib Khan Pathan2 and Ramirez-Pacheco Julio C.3

Modeling QoS Parameters of VoIP Traffic with Multifractal and Markov Models

1Universidad de Quintana Roo, Mexico

2International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM)

3Universidad del Caribe, Mexico

Paper 10.

Isredza Rahmi A Hamid1 and Abawajy Jemal2

Hybrid Feature Selection for Phishing Email Detection

1University Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia

2Deakin University, Australia