Message from the Program Chair



It is a pleasure for me to welcome you for the e-Science 2005 conference and introduce the scientific program.  In today's fast moving world a short message is better than a long one, I will keep it concise and simple.


I have co-ordinated the scientific program of e-Science together with the five Program Vice-Chairs but of course without your contributions as authors we would not have a program. Foremost, thanks to all the numerous authors who have considered to submit their contributions to e-Science 2005. In total, about 175 contributions from the continents Asia, Australia, Europe,  North and South America have been submitted where 171 articles have fulfilled the requirements (abstract and paper). Full papers were subjected to peer review by our international program committee before accepted for publication in these proceedings. Most of the papers had 3 reviews. We then selected the top 54 papers which you can now find in the proceedings as well as presented in one of the sessions in the conference. The overall acceptance rate of the conference is 31.6%.


It is actually quite amazing how many people have acted as Program Committee members (59 in total) and external reviewers (122). All together we managed the reviews and then prepared the preliminary rating of the papers. Together with the Program Vice-Chairs and the Conference Co-chairs we then made the final selection of the articles based on review reports from PC members and external reviewers. I would like to take this opportunity to convey my special special thanks to my Vice Chairs (David Abramson, David Anderson, Geoffrey Fox, Hai Jin, and Ed Seidel) and the Conference Co-Chairs (Rajkumar Buyya and Ron Perrott) for their excellent co-operation and support during the selection process.


Every author, PC member and Reviewer used the conference management system for submitting the papers, reviewing etc. called which is supported by Andrei Voronkov. Thanks very much for that. Last but not least, thanks to IEEE (Tom Werner and Tom Baldwin) to produce these proceedings.


I hope you find the conference and the proceedings interesting. Enjoy the conference program and your visit to Australia.




Heinz Stockinger

Program Chair, e-Science 2005

Head of the Research Lab for Computational Technologies & Applications

Faculty of Computer Science

University of Vienna