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The following posters were presented at e-Science 2005. Each poster has a link to an abstract or paper describing the work.

EGEE: Building a Pan-European Grid Training Organisation
R. Berlich and M. Atkinson

Open Sensor Web Architecture Core Middleware: Sensor Collection Service
Xingchen Chu and Rajkumar Buyya

A Case for the World Wide Grid: Interlinking Islands of Grids to Create an Evolvable Global Cyber Infrastructure
Marcos Dias de Assuncao and Rajkumar Buyya

Electronic Transmission and Computation of Very Long Baseline Interferometry and Its Application to Next Generation Radio Telescopes
Adam Deller, Stephen Tingay, Chris Harris, Karen Haines, Chris Phillips, Tasso Tzioumis

The Nimrod Portal
Colin Enticott and David Abramson

A Prototype System for Grid-Based Cancer Biomedical Informatics
Srivatsava Ranjit Ganta, Anand Sivasubramaniam and Raj Acharya

Toward Automating the Development of Grid Applications in Bioinformatics
Xiujun Gong, Jitender Jit Singh Cheema, Kenske Nakamura, Kei Yura and Nobuhiro Go

Virtualisation Technologies -- a new model to implementing Grids
M. Hardt, R. Berlich and M. Kunze

An Distributed Architecture for Interactive Parse Annotation in Natural Language Processing
Baden Hughes and James R. Curran

Performance Modeling of the Enterprise Grid Computing
Bahman Javadi, Mohammad K. Akbari and Jemal H. Abawajy

Semantic Augmentation of the Storage Resource Broker
Stephen J. Jeffrey and Jane Hunter

Virtual Innovation Clusters and the Grid
Valerie Maxville and Ashley D. Lloyd

Use of the Cournot Model for the pricing of Grid-based Computational Services
Khiran Prakash Mohit

A Conceptual Model for Virtually Organising a University
Trina S. Myers

Optimization in eScience with Nimrod/O
Tom Peachey and David Abramson

Increasing Scalability and Reliability of Self-Organizing Grids for Life Science
M. Radenkovic and B. Wietrzyk

A WS-Resource for Networked Instrumentation
J. Seo and E. Hill

Formulating a Template Based Static Coalition Protocol in a Multi-Agent Grid System - A3PviGrid
Avinash Shankaranarayanan

Grid agent data-flow execution
Nigel Sim

Rerouting Grid Applications Across Firewalls
J. Tan, D. Abramson and C. Enticott

Acxiom's Capacity On Demand Framework
B. Willis, J. Perkins, A. Rainey and D. Hoffman

Dec. 5 - 8, 2005, Melbourne, Australia
Dec.  5 - 8, 2005, Melbourne , Australia